I didn’t mean to make this an all-baby blog, but I guess that’s what it’s become through neglect. Hopefully I’ll be a better parent than blogger.

And I don’t have anything interesting to add at the moment. Our baby is doing great, has a name all settled and is still safely inside the womb and super-easy to take care of for hopefully a couple more months. No crying, no pooping or peeing, no special feedings…all those things are done inside me while I’m doing my own eating and sleeping routine. This pregnancy stuff is easy-peasy.

::thunder rolls as the Fates look around::

I might look into making my blog private and accessed by password–probably easy for anyone to hack if they were so inclined, but enough to keep off the looki-loos? I have no idea, but I do know that if I actually start up the blogging thing again there will be a lot of bits I’d only like to share with certain people and that will be made easier by blogging, but that I won’t want the whole world to know about.

The knitting/spinning/sewing would probably stay public. I really don’t know, I probably flatter myself that anyone would care, especially as I’ve been careful to not attach this blog to anything–except in a couple of comments on a couple of blogs, which is enough to go on, really. Sigh, I just sound paranoid, but then again, Facebook and the controversies that kick up have really made us think more about the data we give away so freely and how easily that can be linked up in ways we never intended and certainly don’t want.

Or maybe we’ll stick to annoying people with letters with pictures inside, or stick to actual print journals. While I love the ease and connectivity of blogging, I do actually wish I had the print versions of all my old blogging to hold in my hands. It’s more fun to read that way. Instead, we have hard drives full of photos, and shoeboxes full of older photos…

I’m really not sure what my point was.