Thumbs up!

So, I made a painful mistake with a piece of kitchen equipment. It happens.

The care sheet from the ED calls it an avulsive wound and too big to stitch, and says it may take anywhere from 10 days to two months to heal fully.

Because I have a compulsion and love of gross wound photos, I’m podting the progression of healing here. At this point I’m thinking things look worse as they are healing, as the white blood cells start filling everything back in it all looks very puffy and suspicious.

There is some redness and pain, a little extra heat, but the smell is of betadine, not infection, and unless it’s hit on something or squeezed or stretched (you never realize how much the side of the thumb of your dominant hand is involved in everyday actions until you hurt it) it itches more than throbs pr stings now.

day after:


a view from the top to show what’s missing.


Day two


Day three



Day four (today)